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Achieving more of what business owners want to be successful  
Sixth Sense Marketing - Best Quality Marketing Provider 2018 - Hampshire 

Our approach to providing Marketing Director services. 

The first tea or coffee is always on us. 

Sixth Sense Marketing exists to provide businesses in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey with access to top quality marketing expertise and resources without the cost and risk of that overhead on your payroll. 

We can only begin to help once we've taken the time to listen and understand where you've come from, where you are and where you want to go. We know people with their own businesses are passionate about them, perhaps to a fault (we know, Sixth Sense Marketing is one). As our relationship develops we can provide marketing guidance to help your business be the very best it can be. We have been senior-level Marketing Directors in large and successful businesses, and offer a wealth of experience in many different sectors. 
Sounds great you are thinking, but I don't have the luxury of affording my own marketing director, nor do I need one full time. 
You don't have to.  
Working part-time with Sixth Sense Marketing will make a real impact for less investment than you might think. 
So why don't we meet? There's always a nugget to take away from a meeting with good people, especially when those people are sensible and experienced. So let us be your marketing sounding board (there's no obligation), simply email us and tell us if you'd prefer tea or coffee. 
Sixth Sense Marketing is the group behind two other businesses that promote Fleet and NE Hampshire, thebestof Fleet, and Fleet Business Network helping businesses in Fleet and surrounding areas to thrive and grow through highly effective marketing. 

Teamwork and trusted relationships 

If you choose to Sixth Sense you choose us. We will be your primary day-to-day contacts, not a more junior member who is introduced to you on day one. We work with specialists in telemarketing, website build and Google advertising but we remain your principal point of contact. We also make use of researchers, a virtual assistant and interns where appropriate. The virtual team ensures there is the support and response you need when you instruct Sixth Sense Marketing.  

Tracey Shrimpton 

With over 25 years’ corporate marketing background, Tracey founded Sixth Sense Marketing in 2014. Marketing services available from Sixth Sense Marketing include: 
Marketing planning to improve the effectiveness of marketing by using the right message, at the right time to the right people. 
Email marketing to increase awareness, enquiries and sales. 
Outsourced social media services. 
PR advice and support with press releases or blog writing. 
Marketing training and workshops. 
Outsourced or temporary marketing resource for the fraction of the price of a full-time employee. 
Tracey is passionate about encouraging people to BuyLocal. She is currently providing BID Manager support to the Fleet Business Improvement District and runs Thebestof Fleet, helps administer the Fleet Parents Facebook group and supports local community projects and events. 
Tel: 07746 828792 

Nick Shrimpton 

After a 20 year career helping law firms improve their client facing proposition, Nick now uses this expertise with professional and b-2-b organisations that don't need a full-time marketing expertise, but would like to tap in to the expertise to maintain a competitive edge. 
Nick enjoys the variety of working with different business owners, providing and feeding off the energy of people developing their businesses and wanting to use marketing and business development as a means to achieve this end. 
Nick started his career in the IT sector with stints at HP and Dell. In 1996 he changed direction, joining a City law firm as solicitors sought to improve their marketing and business development capabilities. He now co-runs Sixth Sense Marketing with Tracey. An optimistic supporter of Liverpool FC; drinker of wine/beer and happiest in the sunshine. 
Tel: 07881 784753 

"We listen, learn, understand and then consider how we might best be able to help." 

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