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Marketing Specialists of the Year 2019 - Hampshire. (SME News) 
5 pillars for marketing success in your business in 2018. 
1. Market Positioning 
2. The Power of Independent Recommendation 
3. Boosted Facebook Posts 
4. Google My Business and Google Posts 
5. Don't Follow the Herd 
Read how, by following some simple steps, you can make real progress in your business this year... 
You don't need to be told how competitive your market is, or how difficult it is for your message to get through to new customers.  
Your business objectives at the start of this year are likely to be similar to that of many others - become more profitable, free-up time. Well here are 5 things that, if you can do them effectively, (or find someone who can), might just bring you more money and less stress. 
Any number of qualified people locally are likely to be able to do what you do. That's a fact. In which case you need to do something slightly un-British (if you want more money and less stress remember) and, stand out from the crowd. Take a fictional example of Pete's Plumbers in Petersfield. Guess what. They're experienced, provide a great service and give value for money. Are you thinking, hang on, everyone says that about their business? In which case how about if Pete said this about his plumbing business instead.  
"Pete's Plumbing in Petersfield is known as the most sought-after plumbers in Petersfield. They're famous for their reliability, that jobs get done quickly, and to the highest standards, without overcharging AND we always leave having tidied up. If you're plumbing wasn't fixed, you wouldn't know we'd been!" 
Make sure that whatever you come up with you are comfortable with and that it is true. Once you are happy with it, build the phrasing into conversations with new business enquiries and use parts of it in your promotion materials. 
What you say about your business doesn't hold a candle to what other people say about it. Reviews aren't new, but they remain very influential when buyers are considering who to choose for a product or service. The reality is that in 2018 that you need a little bit more than someone just to say "Great service, would highly recommend". Positive reviews are great, but try and obtain a few that provide more of an insight as that aids believability. A simple framework helps: 
Explain the situation (the pain) 
How you as the supplier were found 
What action was taken 
What position was the customer in afterwards (gain) 
People believe substantive recommendations. Fewer on-line recommendations and a couple of short case studies will stand you well in 2018. 
2018 is the year that businesses selling to consumers must harness the full opportunity of Facebook. Small businesses in particular can tap into this huge potential. The idea is simple. You create a couple of posts on your Facebook page, designed to create engagement (especially if your like are low). Short videos or a poll work really well. You select a saved audience demographic, spend a few quid (less than £10) and see your engagement and likes on your Facebook page go up. You're just creating interest at this stage, building your brand and trust - nothing more. At the same time, install the Facebook Pixel on your website. This is a piece of code that has the ability to transform your marketing. Once you have an engaged Facebook following of a couple of hundred people, future Facebook posts can be aimed at larger audiences based on the profile of the initial engaged audience (a lookalike audience if you like). Next, create boosted posts for the larger audiences that encourage users off Facebook and onto your website. Once they arrive, the pixel logs who they are. Over time the pixel grows richer with data and you start to harness the full power of the Facebook Algorithm. You are able to reach larger audiences (the multiplier effect) who are engaged and interact with what you do, because Facebook knows they are interested. The final link in the chain encouraging to take action and buy from you. 
You don't get much good stuff for free these days, so you must take advantage of this. If you set up Google My Business correctly, there's every chance you will appear on Page 1 of Google for £0 for local people looking for the product or service you provide. Your business is likely to appear both in Google Search results and in Google Maps. But there's more... Google Posts allows you to promote services, offers and events, again free of charge. There's a 300 word limit and posts last for seven days (or until the day of an event). Google Posts is set up to help small businesses get more local enquiries to their websites. There's a simple dashboard which says how many people engaged with your post and it's easy to re-start a modified post after the 7 day expiry. Google Posts is still quite new, so look it up within Google My Business, get started and get ahead! 
Don't be fooled that your business will flourish if you spend all the time engaging from behind the computer screen. Don't follow the herd all of the time and do exactly as others are. Think about what you can do to put your business out there all by itself. Here's a good recent example. I received lots of Christmas good wishes from businesses I have worked with, and contacts I have made during the year. Most came via email and a handful arrived in the post. However only one arrived on 2 January, wishing me a Happy New Year and every success for 2018. Simple, yet clever. 
Have a great start to 2018. We always enjoy speaking to, and getting to know new businesses. 
Contact us if you'd like to meet - there's no obligation. 
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