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A new & regular source of work enquiries for your buisness. 
I’m working with clients who have products and services that will resonate well on Facebook and that will create a new source of enquiries. I can regularly achieve engagement with a target audience for less than 10p. This service is perfect for small and medium sized businesses who know their target audience. 
How we achieve Facebook success for you 
Facebook is a social platform, not a search platform like Google. Facebook users expect to engage on the platform, and content must be timely, relevant and interesting. That’s why a focussed message to an identifiable audience is key to success from the start. Achieving regular enquiries is the outcome of successfully executing each of the following three processes. 
Audience targeting – Having identified an audience demographic, we run adverts to get audience engagement (likes, shares, comments) until a Facebook Page has reached around 200 likes/follows. 
Engage the audience to take action - Audience engagement and action is done through a series of advert testing to identify those adverts that perform best in terms of taking people off Facebook and onto your website. Like a good wine, the Facebook adverts perform better with time as the testing improves. 
Achieving conversions and outcomes - Once on a website page, further tests to understand the best performing offers to get people to behave in the way you’d like them to. 
The clever bit 
Finding a ‘tuned-in’ audience i.e. people considering a house renovation has always been a marketing challenge. With Facebook Advertising the heavy lifting is done for you. As more people choose to interact with your content, Facebook ‘learns’ who those people are, and finds more like them for you to put your message in front of. Furthermore, Facebook rewards advertisers with better value when their posts receive high levels of engagement. A highly targeted campaign, is well-placed to take advantage of the benefit. 
Everything needed to set a campaign up can be done for you. 
• We may recommend setting up a dedicated Facebook page alongside an existing page so as not to present a skewed message for a multi-service business. 
• Alongside any new page we will create the Facebook Business Advertising console. This runs the advertising campaigns, manages the budget and displays the results. 
• Consider a landing page on your website for the Facebook traffic to arrive at. 
• A piece of code, placed on this landing page, so Facebook knows who is visiting, and identifies more people like them as the campaign evolves. 
A six-month campaign is recommended to fully optimise the benefits of the Facebook algorithm, but tangible results can start to come through after a month or two. There is a one-off set up charge, a monthly account management fee including reviews and reporting and the cost of the advertising itself. 
Find out more 
Contact Nick Shrimpton by email or call 07881 784753. 
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