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One of this things that is true in business, as in life is that giving can give more pleasure than receiving. And so it can be with mentoring. 
We've had great and rewarding marketing careers. It's hard to believe that it was 25 years when I set out, enthusiastic but naive on my marketing journey. I've worked with some great people (and others in alternative categories) and got a great buzz out of helping to shape the direction of the businesses I have worked for and that I now advise. 
I still seem to be as time poor as I ever was. Working with current clients and being out there looking for new ones - that is world we choose to inhabit (and for the most part I love it).  
It's not often I'm stopped in my tracks and am made to think. But that is exactly what happened when an HR client suggested an opportunity that might be of interest. "How do you fancy becoming a mentor to a new Marketing Executive in my client's IT business?" 
My first thought was how exciting, my second thought was how stupid! 
How stupid not to have had the idea myself, and earlier. There are lots of businesses who employ a single marketing executive or junior marketing manager and have them responsible for day-today tasks like social media, website updates and event management. They will often work for the Owner, Commercial Director or Finance Director. 9 times out of 10 it will be a person without a marketing background themselves.  
How are such people, in the early stages of their careers, going to get the guidance to develop onto more senior roles where that can make a more valuable contribution? The answer is that they are most likely to leave for a role somewhere else.  
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