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Marketing Specialists of the Year 2019 - Hampshire. (SME News) 
I was fortunate to be a guest at a presentation at Google's London HQ. The general topic was Strategic Growth for Enterprise and we certanly had our eyes opened to lots of good information AND a lot of it gave plenty of grounds for optimism. 
To win in the digital world today one of the customer behaviour traits you need to understand is 'micro-mements' and understandng what they mean for your customers. Think about your own buyer-behaviour and how you interact with content online before you buy anything. It made the most sense to me when I thought about holidays. I've got an idea of somewhere I'd like to go, so I'm really into Washington DC: 
I want to watch content about Washington DC 
I want to educate myself about Washington, its geography, 72hr guides to what to do there 
I want to go. What's the best time of year, who can get me there for the best value. What about hotels and trips? 
I want to do. Do I book the elements separately or together. How do I know the combined elements provide best value 
I want to buy. Now I'm ready.... 
The question is when thinking about your offering and your customers is what can I do to be helpful at the micro-moment stages to build up the goodwill to earn the right to be in with a chance of winning the business when it comes to the time. In this example City guides, climate graphs, hotel reviews, airport transfers, restaurant recommendations, events, are all likely relevant content to help enrich my knowledge about Washington as I make my way towards my final purchase decision. 
The challenge is less about understanding the concept and more about making it work in your business. If you want to bounce this or any other ideas off us, feel free to get in touch.  
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