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Telephone marketing, or telemarketing companies, are set up on a volume business model. If they can make enough calls, chances are they will deliver results. An unintended consequence of this is that it puts telemarketing out of reach of many smaller businesses. 
Telemarketing is a key business development tool and Sixth Sense Marketing is able to make this service available for campaigns where the number of calls is over 30. Targeted and local telephone campaigns are now within reach of local, smaller businesses.  
We once enquired about telemarketing services for a client who wanted a business development campaign to arrange a first meeting with companies interested in video marketing services. The agency were keen to progress our enquiry but soon there came a sticking point. It seemed that the entry level campaign cost was several thousands of pounds and over a period of six months. The results would, we were told, be impressive. We would never get to know since the scale of the campaign was way in excess of what was affordable at the time! 
We struggled to find a low volume telemarketing agency who could make a number of targeted calls on behalf of our clients. Clients who had a clear message and knew who they wanted to get it in front of.  
Sixth Sense Marketing is now able to offer such a service and the benefits are: 
Low volume targeted telemarketing, startign with 30 calls, but with no upper limit 
All telephone numbers are checked against the Telephone Preference Service list before a call is made 
All callers are UK-based (in Guildford) 
We can work from a list supplied, or help source a list for you 
A report at the end of the campaign records all of the conversations that have taken place. 

Case Study - Telemarketing delivering results and ROI 

A Hampshire client, in the creative industries space, wanted the opportunity to get in front of architects based in the south east. We knew that architects, as professionals, are required to undertake a number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours each year. We devised an offer to visit the architect's practice and, over a sandwich, deliver a presentation about the application of our client's creative service to the practice. The service would enhance the visual impact of the architect's pitch to their clients, and take their website marketing up a level. 
A list of 40 architects locally were sourced, and eight agreed to a lunchtime presentation. That's a very healthy response, but that is what can be achieved when: 
There's a relevant offer 
It's one local business talking to another 
Each architect is treated as special i.e. we will come to you, rather than come to a talk we are giving where your competitors will be. 
There has been a very positive return on investment from this campaign which cost in the low hundreds of pounds. 
To discuss how you can get great results from targeted telemarketing email or call 07881 784753.  
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