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We are trustees of the Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) meaning we help steer the direction of the charity and help to see that it is compliant in all its activities. 
At its heart is CMMPs commitment to and involvement in the community. With this in mind were delighted to take part in a community action day on 2 September. Read more about it here...  
We are proud to be Trustees of the Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) a charity that engages in activities to promote youth aspiration in Farnborough and surrounding areas. 
Nick from Sixth Sense was delighted to have the opportunity to volunteer at Parkside, a registered charity that provides support services for children and adults with learning difficulties in Hampshire and Surrey. He was accompanied by another CMPP member organisation, Thomas Prout from Workflow Document Solutions
They assisted, along with two charity staffers (Jackie and Suzanne), and two trustees to help clear out the loft and outdoor sheds of redundant equipment into two skips. 
The charity had accumulated a lot of equipment over recent years and the storage areas (sheds and loft) were all full. Two skips had been hired and we disposed of BBQs, gazebos, paint, broken office furniture and redundant sensory equipment. A lot of storage capacity has been created and the charity now know what kit it has, that it all works and where it is stored. 
We enjoyed helping Parkside with its clear out and tidy up today. Jackie and Suzanne were hugely friendly and they took time to tell us about their work. We met some of the charity beneficiaries and were also shown around the sensory room. It was clear that our help made a real and positive contribution to helping the charity create more space. It was one of the most rewarding Mondays that we have have had for a long time! 
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