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Business owners crave more time over anything else in their business. The time between Christmas and New Year will give that opportunity, so here are some ideas of how to put that time to good use 
Here are some housekeeping ideas to do between Christmas and New Year so you're ready to hit the ground running on the return to work on or soon after 2 January 2018. 
Clean your desk. Clear everything off the surface and give it all a good wipe down. Shake your keyboard over a bin, see the bits that come out! Give your screen a clean; how much clearer is it now. Just put back on your desk what you need. I believe a tidy desk means a tidy mind. Take the opportunity to ensure your seating and posture is correct, especially if you work from home. 
LinkedIn. Maybe it's the one time of the year to update your profile. I would suggest that as LinkedIn is not a mature social media product that you sift through your contacts and get them to a sensible number of people who are genuinely part of your network. It's about quality not quantity. 
Email management. Order your inbox by both date and file size. Delete those old messages and save large attachments that you want to keep to your network / cloud 
Business cards. Do you have miniature tower blocks of business cards on or around your desk. Get rid of the ones from people you don't recall meeting and get the others into whatever CRM/spreadsheet system you use 
Website security certificate. If you have a website and it does not have an https pre-fix you will need to get a security certificate from your website host company. Google is starting to penalise websites that don't have one. It is an inexpensive exercise and very worthwhile 
Update your telephone answerphone message. When was the last time you did that?  
Recurring activity. Think about all of the recurring activities in your business and diarise them your electronic diary. Systems save time so anything that avoids re-inventing the wheel is time well spent 
File structure. Finally , review your network file structure. Archive old folders from past events or old clients and generally declutter so it is easier to save and find files in the future.  
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