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It used to be the case that when you uploaded a video to YouTube, if you didn't like any of the three thumbnail shots that were presented to you to be the opening to your video, you could simply upload one of your own.  
I hadn't needed to do this for a long time. However we have just completed a round of filming for local businesses and one business owner didn't like any of the three that YouTube selected. While it is possible to upload the film for a second time and hope you get a different set of three to choose from that was a faff. 
When I wanted to add a thumbnail image of our choosing, that option wasn't availabe. 
To enjoy this benefit now, your YouTube account has to be ‘verified’ with a mobile number. Make sure you are logged into Google and then go to Enter your mobile number, a text code is sent back that you then enter on screen.  
This then opens a number of additional new features including ‘uploading a custom thumbnail’ to your video. Hey presto! 
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