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Get Found 

1. The website: Your digital kingdom. 
Most companies know they need to have a website but don’t recognise just how critical it is. Your website is your digital kingdom, a place where you can share your brand story, connect people directly to your company and make that all important first impression. 
2. Content: What’s your story? 
Most companies do a great job of explaining what they do but not how they can help. Do this with engaging content (blogs and videos). Customers respond to relevant information and education ahead of actual products/services. 
3. Search Engine Optimisation - The basics. 
Being found means a regular flow of content, as well as social media, to help circulate and increase visibility. Social media is often dismissed by business leaders who don’t get it. Seven of the top eight SEO factors are tied directly to social media activity. 
4. Social listening: Figuring out your audience online. 
The great thing about online is that it is open source. Listening to competitors as much as your customers, so you have a complete view of what’s going on. Find out about Google Alerts and get intelligence delivered in real time to your inbox. 
Be Seen 
5. Social media: Connecting your ideas with the world. 
There may be no better way to connect your ideas with the world than through social media. It can be a terrific way to boost your company’s visibility online. One of our strongest recommendations is to focus on sharing highly useful and targeted content that’s of interest to the people you want to connect with. 
6. Paid media: Placing content in the right areas. 
Google loves organic website growth. Websites that increase in size and stature over time. If time is not a luxury you have, it is possible, with remarkable detail, to target customers using AdWords and achieve the page 1 ranking you need. It’s a very competitive space now, but you might be surprised what can be achieved with a modest investment. Also, by the time you read this, Facebook for Business will be an authority channel for businesses wanting to reach a consumer market. 
7. Squeeze the pips. 
Content is often written, shared and quickly forgotten. Don’t forget that you can re-visit a blog post you wrote six months ago, review and improve it in these ways: 
• Create a Slideshare 
• Recap the article in a video and post it to YouTube 
• Republish the article on LinkedIn 
• Build an infographic for more visual viewers 
• Syndicate the content to industry trade publications 
Be Heard 
8. Build commitment: Like, follow, subscribe. 
The path doesn’t end when someone finds your company on-line - your efforts are wasted if someone shows up and then leaves. Build commitment by making it easy to stay in touch. Make social links easy to spot, so people can Like, Follow or share your content. 
9. Online engagement: A one-to-one conversation. 
Digital marketing is about driving a better customer experience, earning sales and retention by focusing on the importance of one-to-one marketing. Your end goal is to start and continue discussions that lead to new customers. 
Stick at it 
10. This stuff isn’t going away. The rewards will come to those who consistently apply the right principles over time. 
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