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Marketing Specialists of the Year 2019 - Hampshire. (SME News) 

2017. A year of many unknowns and one real worry, our eldest daughter will start to drive! 

2017 sees the 30th anniversary of the British Juggling Convention (7-13 April in Nottingham if you’re interested). Juggling could be an apt description for how 2017 might just pan out for local business owners here in the south east. 
Imagine for a moment you are the juggler, keeping 3 balls up at one time. Let’s call one of them Brexit, the second one Confidence and the third one Politics. Stay with me... 
Brexit. The structure of Great Britain’s departure from the EU should be a little clearer in 12 months’ time, and anything that brings more certainty in this area is welcome. Hard or soft, we have to leave it to the politicians, but this is one ball not to take your eye off. 
Confidence. A commodity upon which so many investment decisions are made after the numbers have been crunched and before a final decision is made. If this ball is dropped and confidence falls, will it bounce back or be popped altogether? 
Politics. Elections in France and Germany, Putin’s global interventions, and the January inauguration of Donald Trump (less a juggle and more a high wire act (or hair wire act!!)) 
If we put the juggling balls away for a moment and think about our own businesses, where we can exercise a degree of influence and control, what are marketing priorities you might consider to help your business in 2017? Here are some to possibly consider: 
Maintain an organised list of your customers, particularly their name and email address. This enables you to keep them informed about what you are doing using email software such as MailChimp; 
Think about the repetitive admin tasks associated with running your business and consider if there is a way to make the process more efficient e.g. a template for producing proposals or quotations or pre-written emails for the most common messages that you send; 
Recommendations - if you ask for them soon after you have completed a job for a client, the value of your product or service will be fresh in their mind and hopefully you will receive a glowing testimonial; 
Video marketing – ever wondered why they don’t just hand out the pre-flight safety briefing for you to read as you taxi to the runway? Video is engaging, easy to understand. It’s not the future, it’s the here and now; and 
Consistent engagement. Too much marketing occurs in ‘bursts’ or when 'we have the time'. Your prospects need to be managed if you are to stand a chance of converting them to clients. 
If any of these issues chime with you, give us a call we’d be delighted to have a chat. No obligation, we really enjoy talking to local businesses. 
Have a great start to 2017. 
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