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How to write good copy, just remember the pizza! 

We came across this neat table on LinkedIn, useful to remember how to structure good copy and with pizza thrown in too. What's not to like? 
Use the active voice 
Jane will buy the pizza. 
The pizza will be bought. 
Use words that resonate 
Can I help you eat your pizza? 
Can I assist with consuming your  
eighth segment of pizza? 
Use verbs, not abstract nouns 
Let's start eating the pizza. 
Pizza consumption commencement. 
Keep things close by how you point  
at them 
Do you like the smell of this pizza? 
Do any of you like the smell of that pizza? 
Put one thought in each sentence 
I love you. Let's go for a pizza. 
I love you and let's go for a pizza. 
Cut out waffle 
You need to order your pizza by 10pm. 
The important thing to remember is that  
you need to order your pizza by 10pm or earlier. 
Put ideas in a logical order 
If you scoff all those pizzas, you'll be sick. 
You'll be sick if you scoff all those pizzas. 
Translate jargon 
Do you want pepperoni and mushrooms on your pizza? 
You want flyers and fungus on your pizza? 
Use specifics, not just abstract ideas 
We give you exactly the pizza the want, right  
down to the colour of your olives. 
We are dedicated to providing client-focussed solutions  
in the pizza take-away sector. 
Make your headings useful 
10 commandments of good copy, courtesy of pizza! 
Things to think about... 
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