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Playing cards - it's all in the mind, or is it? 

I recently returned from a morning of excellent networking at a group called Coffee & Connect. It was my first time and I was impressed both by the numbers of people (c40) and the welcome that was extended to me as a first time visitor. People came from Fleet, Yateley, Camberley and Basingstoke to attend. There was also a cake to be had as the group was celebrating an anniversary, a necessary aside as it was lovely! 
When I got back home and to my desk, I flicked through the cards that I had collected and a number of things struck me. 
• Horizontal orientation seems more popular than vertical by about 3:1. Caveat a huge margin of statistical error based on sample size! 
• The second thing is how many people make use of both sides of their cards. Details one side, key messages the other. 
• However, the overwhelming impression I got was the finish on the cards and what that implied about the quality of the person and their business. Remember I had never met any of these people before and I can’t say I know much about them now I am home. But I do have a record of having met them. A number of the cards are from people who work in similar areas (wealth management and coaching/facilitation as it happens). Those cards with a coated finish are heavier, have a nicer feel in your hand and are smooth. The cards are only tangible items I have from having met these people. As time move on the perceived contrast between an entry level ‘vista-type’ card and a coated one is way in excess of the cost difference in production. Which will I turn to if I need, or need to refer a wealth manager or coach next month? Your card is your ‘leave behind’. It’s your brand when you are not in the room. 
The moral of this story. While it’s OK to cut a deck of cards, beware cutting corners with you own. 
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