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Marketing Specialists of the Year 2019 - Hampshire. (SME News) 

Seven essentials to effective marketing - it's not luck! 

No apologies for getting back to basics. Sometimes we're all guilty of making the relatively simple ridiculously complicated. So here as reminder to anyone running a business are the 7 musts for effective marketing: 
1, Become a marketer, not a doer. Whatever business you are in, as the owner of that business you become the "marketer" not simply a doer. 
2. You need to have a pin sharp idea of who your customers are. 
3. You need lots of marketing pillars (to strengthen your marketing efforts). Reliance on just a couple might hide some vulnerability in your business. 
4. Generating leads. What's your bait? 
5. Segment your customers. Understand they are not all the same and they should be spoken to as individuals not as one in a herd. 
6. IT - Utilise a simple database to manage your prospects through their journey until they become customers 
7. Track the effectiveness of your marketing. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't. 
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