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Watch out here comes another one (social media channel) 

The regularity with which new social media channels rise to the surface and are 'billed' as possibly being the next big thing is quite incredible. As a marketer who believes in 'stickability', ie it's more important to make an informed choice and stick with it than be forever changing horses seeking the Grand National winner, this proliferation of choice is quite unnerving. Did I make the right choice, perhaps this new and shiny platform that everyone is talking about really will be the new best thing and I will have missed the boat, stranded on the quayside. To wit, Instagram Stories by the way. 
Pause. Take a deep breath and consider. 
Remind yourself, why did I enter the social media sphere in the first place? Was it positioning, connecting with influencers, profile or driving traffic to my website? An even bigger question is, will my target audience be on this new channel?  
While contemplating that, consider the new platform and how much extra work it will be to create and place engaging content so that you can get some traction? Can you work out a way 6 months down the line whether your efforts have been successful? What about the opportunity cost? Time spent developing a new channel is time not spent advancing an existing one where your reputation is already established. 
For most business-to-business marketers and owners of growing businesses, social media isn't the first thought they have when they wake up, or last one when their head touches the pillow (unless, like me it is your business!) So long as you are engaged in the most influential platforms (some, not all) then rest easy and carry on with the day job. According to a recent Huffington Post blog, the seven best social media channel for businesses are: 
You Tube 
And if you're asking yourself, why should I care about any of this, then consider this statistic. 9 out of 10 buyers say that when they're ready to buy, they will find you. This means they will conduct a significant amount of due diligence online. The businesses that will rise to the top of the search engine results are those who understand that in 2016 that means more than just having a website, it means also running a sustained campaign of social media activity - Google expects it. 
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