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Marketing Specialists of the Year 2019 - Hampshire. (SME News) 

While your reading, others are watching. 

If your customers are hanging out somewhere then it makes perfect sense for you to be there too. If you’re not, sure as hell a competitor is. Why then when one of the fastest growing corporate hang-outs is the digital arena do intelligent professionals put fingers in their ears saying “I can’t hear you?” Well hear this. The daily number of views of videos on Facebook, 8 billion! People’s expectations of how they receive your messages are changing. 
Legal, financial, investment and property advisers are missing tricks hand over fist by not engaging in social media channels and video. The business leaders of tomorrow are in business today and they are more social savvy than you and me I’d hasten to guess. 
Help is at hand. 
What your customers crave is easy-to-digest content. However, professionals like to write (lawyers love to write), but customers don’t have the time or inclination anymore to read. 
Videos are an ideal tool for professional services marketing campaigns. Content shouldn’t be too long and must focus on outcomes not processes. Short high-impact clips. Opinion pieces. Video is a great way to drive traffic to your website; it’s proven. Trust me, you don’t need to be Huw Edwards to come across well in one. The skill is in the editing not just the filming. 
Talk to us or email us and we’ll show you the big picture. 
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