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Marketing Specialists of the Year 2019 - Hampshire. (SME News) 

Law Firm Marketing 

For solicitors - a part-time marketing director. Access to the expertise without the overhead. 

In the lead up to December's SRA requirement to display price information online, too many solicitors are getting caught up on the numbers and forgetting to focus on service. Read our pricing and service guidance note. 

Perhaps the following fictitious scenario is already familiar to some solicitors: "We do lots of marketing. Much of the time I'm not sure why and it does appear very scatter-gun across departments and offices. There's little or no focus, people pick and choose what they want to do and we've no idea what if any of it works for us". 
We're not pretending we can wave a magic wand (we'd have done that long before now believe us), but we will understand from you the position of your firm and how you are developing it. From that we can conduct an audit of your current activities and start to make recommendations both as to activity and a structure in the firm to implement agreed activity. Law firms, certainly those in the regions and with less that 10 partners for example have more things that they have in common with other firms than which sets them apart. That said, every firm is different as partnership culture and heritage makes them so. In appraising your firm from a marketing point of view we would expect to make observations and recommendations under headings that include: 
Existing strategy 
Branding and strength / consistency of visual identity 
Content marketing - social media - website 
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
Advertising strategy 
Literature and newsletters 
Business development 
Referral activity 
We understand the imperfect structure of law firms, the frustrations, the workloads. We also enjoy working in these intellectual environments and because of our ability to get on with people, our emotional intelligence and organisation, we are able to get things done and at the end of the day that's what managing partner's often want above all else. 
Why not take the opportunity to bounce some ideas or frustrations off us. You've nothing to lose and we'd be delighted to give you the benefit of our thoughts. It's safe to say we've come across most things there is to see when it comes to this area! 
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"20 years' experience marketing law firms - tap into this knowledge on terms to suit your practice." 

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