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I want to outsource my Social Media 

So you want to outsource your social media. Great - that's what we do. 
Hang on. How can you be sure we're the right social media partner for you? We haven't even spoken yet. 
Here's what we think it's worth you knowing about us, so you can decide if you want to go forward to the next stage. There are lots of businesses out there who will say 'we can do your social media'. We say it ourselves. The BIG difference is that we will do your social media like you would do your social media. That's because we're professional marketers, not administrators offering a social media marketing service.  
So what's the difference between the two? Here's what we offer to clients that choose Sixth Sense Marketing for their social media: 
At the beginning we understand from you what you want social media to achieve as part of marketing your product or service. 
We talk about the style and culture of your business. Is it relaxed or formal, contemporary or conservative? This is so we can use an appropriate language style and select suitable imagery. 
We are trained creative content writers, so your blogs and messages will attract attention. 
We understand who you want to talk to and use hash tags so your posts are directed to them. 
We make no apologies for our attention to detail. We're not 'old school' but it is your reputation that we are managing for you. 
We take care with imagery so pictures are are the right size, orientation and quality to support the written message. 
We provide references, we don't have contracts that tie you in. We just believe in doing a good job that really helps you out.  

Contact us It's easier to talk. You can tell us exactly what your after and we can see if we can help.  

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